Classic Decking Screw PZ2 Stainless steel

Classic Decking Screws in Stainless Steel

TIMco Classic stainless-steel decking screws are designed for the construction of decking platforms. It has a reduced head diameter to fit in grooves of decking and is a double countersunk to assist with self-countersinking. The Helix on the shank of the screw is designed to help clean the hole of debris and is partially threaded to increase clamping effectiveness. The 40-degree single thread provides a secure fixing with high pull-out resistance, and the type 17 slash enables low torque and reduce timber splitting at low edge distances with a 25-degree sharp point for easier penetration into all wood types. The Classic stainless-steel decking screws carry the CE mark in compliance with the construction products regulations.

DEXSS Feature 1
Pozi Recess Head

The reduced diameter double countersunk head allows the screw to countersink between the decking groves.

DEXSS Feature 2
Helix & Thread

The Helix removes debris and a 40° deep single thread provides a secure fixing with high pull-out resistance.

DEXSS Feature 3
Type 17 Slash

The Type 17 Slash to reduce torque and the likelihood of the timber splitting when the screw is inserted close to the edge.


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size 4.5 x 65
Pack Qty 250
EAN 5055893339411
Weight 1.01kg