Veto Brass Padlock P40

Veto Brass Padlocks Ideal for Luggage, Cabinets, Sheds and Gates
Veto brass padlocks have a rubber shackle seal to prevent water ingress. They have a hardened steel shackle for extra protection against hacksaw and cropping attacks. The solid brass body is to enhance corrosion resistance and they have a double locking brass cylinder which also provides extra protection against attack. NB: On 30mm brass padlocks there is no rubber seal to the shackle and the shackle is not hardened. Brass padlocks come with a security rating of 3-6 and a weather rating of 3 out of 5.

Product Features

P30 Feature 1

Brass Padlock.

P30 Feature 2

A durable medium security padlock used for a variety of applications.  

P30 Feature 3

Ideal for luggage, cabinets, sheds and gates.


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size 40mm
EAN 5055893300992
Pack Qty 1
Weight 0.15kg